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Owl Mountain Sessions - BESO NEGRO

The genre-defying music of BESO NEGRO takes the mystery and romance of Gypsy Swing and ignites it with Rock, Blues, and Latin flourishes. Infectious rhythms, inspired lyrics, and blazing melodic solos characterize BESO NEGRO's pioneering hybrid sound, which conjures the charisma of the classic while bringing in the sizzle of the NEW. Whether it's a gypsy-punk scorcher, bittersweet ballad, or anything in between, BESO moves and grooves. Enjoy!! 

Owl Mountain Sessions 007 - BESO NEGRO - "Well-Placed Bullet"

A supersonic fireball of pure gypsy-punk fury--BESO NEGRO's melodic adrenaline machine gun, “Well-Placed Bullet". There’ll be no running for cover, so rise up, stand your ground. Embrace the pyrotechnics!

Owl Mountain Sessions 004 - BESO NEGRO - "Back To You"

BESO's introspective ballad waltz "Back To You” is intimate musical storytelling. An irresistible vulnerability draws us into a doomed tale of a lonesome drifter on the lam. Vocals of aching sincerity take us on a yearnful journey that weaves among soulful slide guitar, shimmering mandolin solos, lush cello/viola, and nostalgic R&B drum/bass grooves.

Owl Mountain Sessions 002 - BESO NEGRO - "Here I Go Again"

Pack your bags and don't forget those shades! BESO NEGRO's lyrical, Americana-tinged "Here I Go Again" is wanderlusty fugitive rock, an evocative mindscape unfolding mid-hurtle down the highway toward the dusty desert unknown...

Owl Mountain Sessions 005 - BESO NEGRO - "Never Coming Down"

BESO's powerhouse rocker "Never Coming Down" entices you with its irresistible primal pulse, and once you get a taste of its dark little secret, this roller coaster ride will leave you wanting more.

Owl Mountain Sessions 003 - BESO NEGRO - "Hoist That Rag"

With gritty romanticism, BESO NEGRO reimagines the Tom Waits 2004 favorite “Hoist That Rag”. Steeped in dark dreaminess, BESO's "Hoist" opens smoldering and sparkling like stardust in soot-black night. Growling bass and a percussive pulse lead the way toward blazing banjo and nouveau western guitar solos in this lightning storm unfurling across a stormy sea.

Owl Mountain Sessions 001 - BESO NEGRO - "Obscurity"

THE DEBUT SESSION! “Obscurity” set the tone for Owl Mountain Sessions, performed and recorded live in a single session. For the song’s foundation four-piece track, we recorded and filmed the band—drums, bass, and two rhythm guitars—playing together. Guitar solos and vocals entered the mix as overdubs, recorded directly after this main four-piece track was laid. Unlike most in-studio recordings, “Obscurity” used no click track or editing tricks like chopping, nudging, or time correction. The result? You get to enjoy the real deal!

BESO NEGRO is 1000% serious to the core!!! From LEFT: ELI CARLTON-PEARSON (Lead Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Piano, Surfboard); ETHAN TURNER (Drums, Audio Nerdistry, Metal); CHEYENNE YOUNG (Bass, Coffee Geekery, Foodness); ADAM ROACH (Vocals, Guitar, Song Concoction, Españoling, Tattoo Badassitudery). NOT PICTURED: MATT MONTGOMERY (Violin, Viola, Accordion, ...Basically Anything-Musical Polymath, and Heterochromic Unicorn--hence, NOT PICTURED). Do the FACEBOOK thing: Facebook.com/BESONEGROBAND, Facebook.com/OWLMOUNTAINSESSIONS