Owl Mountain Productions brings you OWL MOUNTAIN SESSIONS, an emerging multi-disciplinary platform supporting the creative community. We combine film and top-notch studio recording to feature the work of musicians of all genres. Go beyond front-row as we take you inside the music, capturing artists live in the recording studio to present an up-close look behind the scenes of music. Collaborators, fans, and thinkers, we want to hear from you. Together, let's create new music, connections, and ideas. HEAR MORE MUSIC, SEE MORE MUSIC!


Catalytic creative-juice mixology, a collaborative journey into uncharted musical waters. Co-written on the spot by endearingly eccentric indie-pop multi-instrumentalists Greg Bette (Garçon de Plage, Paris) and Chris Peck (Peck the Town Crier; Fairfax, California), this song began the morning of the session a mere wisp of a motif. A few hours of joint open-mindedness, plenty of playful experimentation, and far more yea’s than nay’s later, led at evening’s close to the birth of “Feather”—now taking flight as Owl Mountain Sessions 013.

A sparkling, sunny daydream with warm retro vibes grows viscous and unfurls into a swirling menagerie of melody, shimmering chimes, astral guitars, and exotic textures, all grounded by the earthy contrast of clay drums and rumbling cavernous toms. FULL ARTICLE >>


OWL MOUNTAIN SESSIONS - 012 - TOWN QUARTET - “Quatuor Scientifique” No. 11 ANTON REICHA (1806) - 2:27

Oakland, California’s TOWN QUARTET premieres more unpublished work from 19th-century Czech composer Anton Reicha, with his Quatuor Scientifique No. 11 (Allegro moderato). A pioneering music theorist and friend of Beethoven’s, Reicha wrote compositions conceptually advanced beyond his contemporaries of the classical era. Join Owl Mountain in welcoming Reicha’s rare work, here debuted under the guidance of TQ violist Jacob Hansen-Joseph’s dedicated direction. This eleventh movement in a collection of twelve reveals Reicha’s fugal experiment based upon the theme from Joseph Haydn's String Quartet Opus 20 No. 5 in F minor. FULL ARTICLE >>



OWL MOUNTAIN SESSIONS 008 presents a heavy, heady brew of avant-grunge à la the Bay Area's cult darling PHYSICAL SUICIDE DETERRENT SYSTEM PROJECT (PSDSP). The Marin rock trio's sound frequently references the gnarly thrashing riffs of raw '90s grunge, but PSDSP's penchants for poetic innovation and unconventional elements have them exploring new sonic frontiers and going about their head banging in refreshingly artful, intellectual, rule-breaking fashion. A core inspiration for PSDSP is the life/death cycle within nature and the human psyche; their songs explore the forces of creation, decay, disintegration, and revival both surrounding and within us. Instead of dwelling upon dismal doom and gloom, however, PSDSP exalts the intricate, bewildering beauty hidden within nature's darker elements. At once sinister and joyous, "Shoulder" is a shining example of PSDSP's brand of zen-filled angst, and is their epic first in a series of upcoming new singles. FULL ARTICLE >>


OWL MOUNTAIN SESSIONS - 007 - BESO NEGRO - "Well-Placed Bullet" - 04:39

Session 007 hits the ground running with adrenaline ablaze. "Bullet" is a supersonic fireball of pure gypsy-punk fury — BESO NEGRO's brand-new melodic machine gun that never quits or misses a target. There’ll be no running for cover, so rise up, stand your ground, fight back. Embrace the pyrotechnics!! BESO NEGRO hails from Fairfax, California. Their hybrid sound blends vintage roots in gypsy jazz, blues, rock, Latin, and Americana. Rich, juicy flavor in every musical bite!


OWL MOUNTAIN SESSIONS - 006 - JESSE COLIN YOUNG - "Sunlight" (Acoustic) - 04:36

It's with a lot of heart and love that we bring you Owl Mountain Sessions 006, as it presents one of our most deeply personal influences, '60s rock legend Jesse Colin Young of The Youngbloods. Rich with nostalgia, "Sunlight" had its origins in the sun-drenched 60s but, decades later, it remains one of their fan favorites. Together, Jesse and Owl Mountain bring you "Sunlight" at its most intimate, pared down to its raw essentials — the lush power of Jesse's voice accompanied by the storytelling of his fingerstyle acoustic guitar.


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ABOUT owl mountain sessions

OWL MOUNTAIN SESSIONS combine artistic visual documentary with top-notch studio audio recording to create an online collection of intimate views into music of all genres for our community of music lovers and musicians alike. Produced by Owl Mountain Productions, the Sessions are an emerging multi-disciplinary platform that takes viewers beyond front-row to go behind the scenes of the music, capturing artists as they create and present their music live in the recording studio.


In this age of mass media consumption, music devotees loyal to the true spirit of genuine, independently crafted music are growing weary of being inundated with the endless gigabytes of soulless commercially manufactured music designed, packaged, and promoted to sell this latest trend or that. Also happening: Independent artists, performers, bands, and writers are finding they need to branch out and wear more hats now that DIY self-publishing is the new zeitgeist. With myriad responsibilities to juggle——from writing, recording, and media production to booking, promotion, and management——many creatives no longer have the time to connect with like-minded individuals in the name of art. Owl Mountain Sessions wish to offer an environment for our creative community and supporters of free-thinking music to discover one other.

Fellow collaborators and music-loving brethren, we want your voices and opinions. Let’s open a dialogue——What do you want to see and hear? What can we create together? How can we join forces and cross pollinate? Let's make new music, connections, and possibilities.

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OWL MOUNTAIN SESSIONS is a collaboration between Ethan Turner and Jenn Chan. Ethan is a music producer, engineer, and drummer. Jenn is a photographer, graphic designer, and composer. With passions for visual and musical arts in common, Ethan and Jenn together form OWL MOUNTAIN PRODUCTIONS.