No Boundaries: Intercontinental Indie-Pop Birds of a Feather Co-Create

What happens when two endearingly eccentric indie-pop multi-instrumentalists—Greg Bette (Garçon de Plage, Paris) and Chris Peck (Peck the Town Crier; Fairfax, California)–hole up together in a music studio for a day? Catalytic creative-juice mixology, a collaborative journey into uncharted musical waters. Co-written on the spot by Bette and Peck, this song began the morning a mere wisp of a motif. A few hours of joint open-mindedness, plenty of playful experimentation, and far more yea’s than nay’s later, led at evening’s close to the birth of “Feather”—now taking flight as Owl Mountain Sessions 013.

“Feather” unfolds like a sunny, sparkling daydream, with the warm retro vibes of Bette at the keys of a ‘64 Wurlitzer and Peck on a ’66 Guild Starfire, a Fender Duo-Sonic layered in. A few rounds of marination later, the brew grows viscous and unfurls into a swirling menagerie of melody, shimmering chimes, astral guitars, and exotic textures, all grounded by the earthy contrast of clay drums and rumbling cavernous toms.

Sequence 01.Still008.jpg

Peck’s own remarks at the breathtakingly cathartic session’s wrap: “We landed in a really crazy magical place—we’re playing chimes with a feather in this darkness...[laughs]... I really like the direction this night went in... A magical incantation!”

Beyond the multi-dimensional reaches of “Feather”, Bette and Peck each keep busy with their own musical projects—Garçon de Plage and Ancient Baby, respectively. One is French and the other, American, yet the two artists are somehow still birds of a feather: Each lovingly crafts wealths of clever, refreshingly un-cookie-cutter pop. Celebratory, triumphantly humble, earnest, residing at the perfect intersection of sassy and sweet. Both have stylistic inclinations toward exploring nostalgia-tinged sounds in their original compositions, with an intellectual humor and quirkiness woven in throughout. Each are as comfortable putting out finger-snapping tunes as well as moodier, more introspective dreamscapes. What a pure pleasure to have the two creating together as a duo!

Sequence 01.Still012.jpg

Go on, indulge in some gourmet-caliber pop:

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