walter trout

Down and Dirty Blues from WALTER TROUT: "Cold Cold Feeling" LIVE in Santa Cruz

WALTER TROUT brought down the house at Moe's Alley this past May, here combining his effortlessly blazing guitar talent and passion-infused vocals with the solid bones of the blues classic "Cold Cold Feeling" to deliver some truly “down and dirty blues”. Trout’s audience is absolutely smitten, for reasons quite clear!

“I learned this song from Mr. Albert Collins,” Walter Trout announces mid-song. "Cold Cold Feeling" itself, however, dates further back. Relatively unsung music hero Jessie Mae Robinson had composed this killer tune nearly 30 years prior to Collins's 1978 electric version. T-Bone Walker was the first to record "Cold Cold Feeling", in 1951. In contrast with Collins's silky-smooth groovin' approach, T-Bone's is all sass and dazzles with a sultrier swing. The song has since been covered numerous times through the decades, and Trout's version is a must-hear! (This live version was filmed on the fly using in-camera audio).